Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seal by William Jay Smith poetry analysis

                                   .             This is an entertaining little poem, that describes a seal's life as it frolics around in the sea. It is a shape poem, meaning that it takes on the form of something. This poem doesn't seem to be assuming the physical shape of anything, but it's a squiggly line which makes it seem like a seal-carefree and random. My favorite lines are: "Before you can think,/ Before you can utter/ Words like "Dill pickle"/Or "Apple butter,"/Back up he swims" I really like this because it's creative, bubbly vocabulary that adds to the idea that the seal is relaxed and joyful in its home. 
             The lines are all about the same length, and the poem rhymes so it flows smoothly and it's pleasant to read aloud. When I read it I can clearly visualize a seal jumping out of the water with "A flip of the flipper!" and diving back into the salty ocean. I would recommend this poem to everyone that likes animals and the sea.