Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holding these Moments Dear

This is a poem about skiing with friends by Julia Lieberman. 

Holding These Moments Dear

We throw back our heads and laugh with glee
We can’t wait to try out our rental skis
We’re delighted to be in the gentle breeze

Nobody is there
Nobody can judge or stare
As we fall through the dust-covered trees

Into the out-of-bounds
We must stand our own grounds
We are responsible alone

For the cold winter wonderland
Adventures are unplanned
And from our experiences we grow

The fresh air blows
A white firework show
As free styled and daring we go

On light fluffy clouds filled with a treat
Run after run we complete
The first tracks in the marvelous, care-free snow

We bounce down the sparkling run
Underneath the cold shining sun
For miles and miles it’s clear

Snow covered mountains wink
In the bright sun we grin and blink
Holding these precious moments dear

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