Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hair Dryers

This is a nonsense poem written by Julia Lieberman.
Hair Dryers
But defying
Is it working?
Or is it smirking?
Is it lurking
In a corner now that my wet hair made me mad?
That makes me sad
Come back hair dryer!                                                                
Ouch that’s too hot!
Ohh that hits the spot
I think I’ll take you on my yacht
You can always get that wet spot.
You cannot
Fail to dry my hair
Your warmth you do share
I use you when I sit in a chair
I use you as I say my prayers
I burn myself with you and I swear
I’ll use you on my mare
I use you when I eat a pear
Your kind is truly, quite rare
But how dare
You take so long?
I hit myself in the head with you-DONG!
So as it turns out I was wrong
You’re a waste of time
You’re a piece of slime
Go back to your cheap slot in the drug store
And I’ll be thinking SCORE!

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