Thursday, February 16, 2012


          This is a blog that I made for my poem anthology, in 7th grade English class. I started by putting my poetry reflection-where I wrote about my favorite writing styles and challenges I have when I write. Then I put 6 poems which I wrote myself, using different styles. My favorite one of those is called: "Hair Dryers," and it's a nonsense poem. After those I have 3 poem analysis's of Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, The Seal, by William Jay Smith, and finally Dreams, by Langston Hughes. Hope you enjoy!
-Julia Lieberman

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poetry Reflection

          When I am told to simply write a poem I sit down and think, but normally nothing comes into my head. Ideas that don't seem good to write a poem about, like a window or a shoe pop into my brain but I never choose them. I think deciding on what to write about is the most challenging part of poetry for me. However, once I have chosen a topic, I like improvising and letting all of my ideas out onto the paper. Sometimes I'll write two or three poems about the topic and then combine the good parts together. Sometimes I'll notice that one or two lines rhyme so I'll try to change the whole poem to make it rhyme. One of my favorite styles of poetry writing is nonsense poems. I really enjoyed writing, "The Hairdryer," because I was able to get out all of my ideas and not have to change them up so that the poem would seem, "deep." It was a totally random idea, and I didn't have to do very much editing, so that was a pleasant experience.
           I also really like to read poems, and trying to decipher what message the author is trying to get across. I like looking at different styles of writing so that I can have a model to work towards when I sit down to write a poem.
            However another thing that I find challenging is editing poems. Normally when I write a poem I try my best so then when I try to change it up I don't know how, but I normally choose my favorite lines and then edit the rest. I like writing poetry and hope to improve my ability and to continue to try out the different styles.

That Song and The Phoenix

This is a poem about getting carried away into music by Julia Lieberman.
That Song

It took me away from reality
And into the beat
That alternate universe
The feeling was sweet

Oh the voices
The guitar and the drums
Rocking out and swaying
I give it two thumbs

This is my world
I could live here forever
No stress and no worries
Nothing gets better

And after the instruments have stopped
It kept going in my head
It was stuck on repeat
Because like I said

It took me away from reality
And into the beat
That alternate universe
The feeling was sweet

But now as I lay here in bed
Another song
Pops into my head

The Phoenix is another poem that I wrote, based off of my understanding of phoenixes from reading Harry Potter. Phoenixes die but are then reborn from their ashes, and their tears carry healing powers. 

The Phoenix
The cry,
Of a baby,
Conceived from it’s own ashes,
It’s fierce beak turns to the open sky
Ready for a new life.

Out of those young
yet somehow old eyes
Tears leak
Each one holding a great deal of power
They heal
They sizzle
Until all wounds are restored
It’s job is finished.

The gentle croak
Emanating from that deep,
fiery throat
Its intelligent eyes judging
what lies ahead.
Yet somehow it knows what’s ahead,
Ducking its head behind its wing,
It’s the last time.

But again,
the cry
Of the baby
That has sprung from the ashes once again
Pierces the air,

Ode to Powder

Ode to Powder is an ode by Julia Lieberman.

Ode to Powder
Oh powder,
You’re a light blanket of fluff
When my French fry-skis cross your powdery wonderland
I feel a bliss
That the best snow in the world
could not but call fair.

Adrenaline courses through my veins
As happy as a 5 year old with a lollipop I will rip it up
Turning through the snorkel pow-pow
My fat skis leaving the first set of tracks to the bottom
of the glorious run
People on the chairlift glance down at me, jealous
That I am able to sit on that royal throne of powder
Back strait
Mouth curved upwards into a smile
And bounce through your majestic clouds.

You’re the best thing to ever come into being
You’re sparkles fly into the air
As I cut through your mysterious
Untracked snow
As it splays out behind me
In a white firework
I laugh aloud,
Thrilled that you are so kind as to treat me to such a show.

The Grapplers

The Grapplers is an extended metaphor poem by Julia Lieberman.

The Grapplers
The spindly aspen tree roots
are bony
fleshless hands

just waiting to reach out with their ice-cold grip
and trip a passer-by in the penetrating darkness.

Popping out of the earthy
Wormy dirt,
They twist and bump,
generously donating a stubbed toe.
Though they hide underneath the dark
They make themselves known.

Holding these Moments Dear

This is a poem about skiing with friends by Julia Lieberman. 

Holding These Moments Dear

We throw back our heads and laugh with glee
We can’t wait to try out our rental skis
We’re delighted to be in the gentle breeze

Nobody is there
Nobody can judge or stare
As we fall through the dust-covered trees

Into the out-of-bounds
We must stand our own grounds
We are responsible alone

For the cold winter wonderland
Adventures are unplanned
And from our experiences we grow

The fresh air blows
A white firework show
As free styled and daring we go

On light fluffy clouds filled with a treat
Run after run we complete
The first tracks in the marvelous, care-free snow

We bounce down the sparkling run
Underneath the cold shining sun
For miles and miles it’s clear

Snow covered mountains wink
In the bright sun we grin and blink
Holding these precious moments dear

I am From

This is an I am From poem by Julia Lieberman

I am From
I am from the strewn papers
All across the floor
I am from the not yet put away clothes
In a line from the closet to the sticker-covered door

I am from the small talk parties
For relatives and different foods
From grandma giving the evil eye
To those that are not the Jews

I am from my secret diary
Hidden where it won’t be found
Full of memories and ideas
And places to which we got around

I am from walks back from the park
To that familiar “popcorn” cherry tree
My friendly doggy stuck to my side
Playing with the soccer ball, just him and me.

I am from endless packs of gum
And old photos that I’m too lazy to take down
I am from my Jewish culture
And my plastic 5-year old trophy crown

I am from my writing
As I express my thoughts freely
I am from my choices
Yes, this is me.