Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am From

This is an I am From poem by Julia Lieberman

I am From
I am from the strewn papers
All across the floor
I am from the not yet put away clothes
In a line from the closet to the sticker-covered door

I am from the small talk parties
For relatives and different foods
From grandma giving the evil eye
To those that are not the Jews

I am from my secret diary
Hidden where it won’t be found
Full of memories and ideas
And places to which we got around

I am from walks back from the park
To that familiar “popcorn” cherry tree
My friendly doggy stuck to my side
Playing with the soccer ball, just him and me.

I am from endless packs of gum
And old photos that I’m too lazy to take down
I am from my Jewish culture
And my plastic 5-year old trophy crown

I am from my writing
As I express my thoughts freely
I am from my choices
Yes, this is me.

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