Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Poetry Reflection

          When I am told to simply write a poem I sit down and think, but normally nothing comes into my head. Ideas that don't seem good to write a poem about, like a window or a shoe pop into my brain but I never choose them. I think deciding on what to write about is the most challenging part of poetry for me. However, once I have chosen a topic, I like improvising and letting all of my ideas out onto the paper. Sometimes I'll write two or three poems about the topic and then combine the good parts together. Sometimes I'll notice that one or two lines rhyme so I'll try to change the whole poem to make it rhyme. One of my favorite styles of poetry writing is nonsense poems. I really enjoyed writing, "The Hairdryer," because I was able to get out all of my ideas and not have to change them up so that the poem would seem, "deep." It was a totally random idea, and I didn't have to do very much editing, so that was a pleasant experience.
           I also really like to read poems, and trying to decipher what message the author is trying to get across. I like looking at different styles of writing so that I can have a model to work towards when I sit down to write a poem.
            However another thing that I find challenging is editing poems. Normally when I write a poem I try my best so then when I try to change it up I don't know how, but I normally choose my favorite lines and then edit the rest. I like writing poetry and hope to improve my ability and to continue to try out the different styles.

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